About Me

Every day of the week I put on a suit and head into the office to save the world.  I represent the “little guy” in lawsuits against Corporate America.  I love my job.  It’s challenging work that I find very rewarding.  But when the weekend rolls around, I’m usually in dire need of some quality time with my Big Green Egg.

Make no mistake – I’m not a barbeque expert.  I’m not pretending to be one.  If you live south of the Mason-Dixon line you will likely see right through me.   But I do love to work with my Big Green Egg.  I started this blog to share my thoughts and feelings, my successes and failures, my tips and trepidations.

Grilling is in my blood.  My family grills.  We always have.  The Weber kettle is our weapon of choice.  Only recently have I started learning to barbeque.  The  distinction between grilling and barbeque is very important one.  In my mind, if you’re cooking something on a grill for less than three hours, you’re grilling.  After three hours you enter barbeque land.  Certainly, there are many other features that distinguish barbeque from plain old grilling, but low and slow is really the key to barbeque.  I would argue it is impossible to barbeque on a traditional Weber kettle.  And you certainly can’t barbeque on gas.

There are two key premises to my Big Green Egg ethos:  1) Almost any food in need of cooking can be prepared on the Big Green Egg.  The oven and stove should be a last resort.  2) There are no shortcuts in barbeque.  Cooking a piece of meat for 2 hours is unacceptable if cooking it for 4 hours would make it better.

I hope both of these theories will manifest themselves in this blog.  Perhaps you will read something in this blog that will make you think twice about boiling or sautéing vegetables.  Grill them instead.  And perhaps I will grow enough in my barbeque skills that I can hop off a train somewhere in Mississippi with my Big Green Egg and serve up passable pork.  Until then, I’ll keep cooking and serving my test products to friends and family.

Thanks for visiting!  Feel free to shoot me an email using the form below if you want to talk barbeque!



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