Cooking up Kale

A guest post by Mrs. Esquire

My love affair with lacinato kale
I eat a lot of kale.  It is one of my favorite foods, especially lacinato kale, which is also known as dinosaur kale.  I whip up a stir-fry of kale on my range several times a week, but once in a while when we are making something for dinner on the Big Green Egg, we  experiment with a kale side dish.

Grilling with kale
It seems like many folks who grill kale make “chips.”  While I love kale chips, my frustration is that a giant bunch of hearty kale turns into a few flakes of kale crisps.  I want to keep some of the moisture in the kale to make my dish substantial.  For the same reason, I also like to keep the center rib of the kale intact whenever possible.

We have a wonderful piece of red ware that we use like a dutch oven on the BGE.  Here, we filled it with a diced fennel bulb, lacinato kale, and olive oil.

BBQ Esquire cooked this creation on the BGE first with the lid of the dutch oven off, to get a stir-fry going.  Then he put the lid on to maintain more moisture as it finished cooking.

The fennel is a great flavor combination with the kale, and the Egg adds a delicious smokiness.  Sprinkle a little philippine sea salt on the kale before serving to round out the flavor profile of the dish.



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I'm a Scandinavian Plaintiff's lawyer from Minnesota living in California. Despite that background, I've become a weekend warrior on my Big Green Egg. I've started this blog to share my successes, failures, and experiments with anyone who cares to read about them.

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