Tinfoil Time

I think I’ll start using more aluminum foil when I grill fish.  Last Friday I had a big piece of salmon for my Big Green Egg.  It wouldn’t fit in my redware.  I decided to lay it out in tinfoil.

I don’t know why, but I used to feel like there was something wrong with putting fish on aluminum foil.  Like it was cheating or something.  Or perhaps the foil would interfere with the airflow and the grilling process.  This salmon taught me otherwise.

I poured a good bit of olive oil into the foil.  I sprinkled the salmon with an interesting rub from Favorite Son, a Minnesota company.  I know what you’re thinking – a Minnesota company making barbecue rubs?  Isn’t that like the Jamaican bobsled team?  Or that old commercial – “This salsa’s made in New York City!  New York City?  That really chaps my hide.”  But the salmon rub is really good.  For true Minnesotans they have a rub called Minnesota Nice – with a “Scandinavian Kick!”

I digress.  Back to the foil.  To make sure I didn’t lose the flavor of the Big Green Egg, I threw on a bunch of apple chips.  I gave it a good hot smoke at about 425.  Plenty of good flavor!


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About bbqesquire

I'm a Scandinavian Plaintiff's lawyer from Minnesota living in California. Despite that background, I've become a weekend warrior on my Big Green Egg. I've started this blog to share my successes, failures, and experiments with anyone who cares to read about them.

5 responses to “Tinfoil Time”

  1. Debbie says :

    The salmon looks great, especially with the Minnesota rub on it. A little MN heat when MM is in the midst of January winter is good.

  2. griffinsgrub says :

    Love cooking salmon on the Egg. Did the skin stick at all to the foil? I tried that when doing one for my cousin once and it did, but he said that was ok because he doesn’t eat the skin and it helped him seperate it. Have you tried using cedar planks? That is my go to method now for salmon.

    • bbqesquire says :

      I used quite a bit of olive oil and that really prevented any sticking. It also gives a little crisp to the edges of the fish, which can be nice.

      Where do you get your cedar planks? I’ve only done that a few times, years ago, partly because I don’t want to spend the money on them. But I suppose I spend so much on all this other stuff it’s a drop in the bucket!

      • griffinsgrub says :

        My grocery store usually carries them right there next to the salmon, or any bbq store. I think next time I’m in Home Depot or Lowes, I’m just going to pick up a cedar plank (untreated of course) and cut it down into useable strips.

        BTW – liking your blog. Will be following it more. keep up the good work.

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