Vegetable Lasagna

Yesterday was Grilled Lasagna day.  It was an all day event, but so worth it!

I followed a recipe from the Big Green Egg cookbook.  Reading this recipe was like reading the tax code.  The recipe was three pages long on its own, and it included two internal  references to other recipes in the book.  In order words, one of the steps was “mix in the roasted red peppers (recipe on page 175).”  So there’s no way I can replicate the recipe here.  I’ll just give you the general idea.

This recipe called for an absolute bounty of yummy vegetables.

Red Peppers, Eggplant, Zucchini, Chinese Eggplant, Portobello Mushrooms, Squash

There they are, ready to be grilled!  I had a great time shopping for these vegetables.

The first step was to prepare a roasted tomato sauce.


I started with two pounds of Roma tomatoes, plus a few tomatoes from our garden.  I sliced the Roma tomatoes and tossed in olive oil, salt and pepper.

The tomatoes fired on the egg at 400 with garlic cloves roasting in olive oil.

Tomatoes and Garlic

Flip after a few minutes.

Roasted Tomatoes

Tomatoes, ready for saucing

After the tomatoes cooled, I chopped them and simmered with garlic and some other spices.  The tomatoes cooled, then I blended with fresh basil for a nice tomato sauce.

Simmering Sauce

Next, I prepared a Mornay Sauce.  This is a whole-milk based sauce with parmesan cheese.  Yummy.

Mornay Sauce

At this point, I’m about ready to be done with the stove!  But there’s one more inside step: wilting some spinach.


OK, with all that work done, it’s time to head outside to grill some vegetables!  I quartered all the vegetables, brushed with olive oil, and dusted with black pepper, sea salt, and garlic salt.  Since the vegetables didn’t all fit on the grill at once, I started with the squash (since it would take the longest), and added the zucchini and eggplant.

Grilled Vegetables

I sliced all the vegetables.  The peppers and mushrooms took their turn next while the squash kept cooking.  After I grilled everything, I sliced it up and tossed it with the wilted spinach.

Vegetables Ready For Lasagna!

A quick side note here about grilling vegetables.  The Big Green Egg cookbook tells you to peel tomatoes and peppers after grilling.  I’m not a huge fan of the peeling.  Part of the reason you grill the vegetables in the first place is to get the char, right?  That said, you don’t want too much charcoal skin in your tomato sauce or your lasagna.  So I take a middle ground on peeling.  If the charred skin separates easily, I will go ahead and remove it.  If not, the char goes right into the dish.

After you’re done grilling the vegetables, set the Egg for indirect cooking and reduce the temperature to 350.

Next, it’s time to layer the lasagna.  I cooked my lasagna noodles a few hours earlier and kept them separated in a pan by lathering them in olive oil.  We layered the noodles with vegetables, tomato sauce, and a ricotta / goat cheese / basil / thyme mixture.  The Mornay sauce goes on top, with some mozzarella cheese.

Layering Vegetables

Ready for cooking!

After 45 minutes at 350, the lasagna is ready to eat!  Yummy!


This was a grilling success.  We actually had enough of everything to make a second mini-lasagna.  I’ll be eating lasagna all week!


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I'm a Scandinavian Plaintiff's lawyer from Minnesota living in California. Despite that background, I've become a weekend warrior on my Big Green Egg. I've started this blog to share my successes, failures, and experiments with anyone who cares to read about them.

5 responses to “Vegetable Lasagna”

  1. Christopher Sanderson says :

    Dude! That looks awesome. You are seriously rocking the egg grill. Your wife must absolutely love you for providing great food.

  2. kat says :

    YUM!! Grilled veggie lasagna = amazing!!

  3. David Mekeel says :

    This looks fantastic. I will be trying this.

  4. bbqesquire says :

    Thanks everyone for the comments! This one was definitely a winner.

  5. luz maria jaramillo says :

    I made the lasagna again yesterday.

    I would change something to what it was explained although the book is not clear I did it and it worked.

    After having the vegetables ready and the cheeses mixed, you mix back again the vegetables with the cheeses.

    And you make the lasagna as follows:

    1. layer :Tomato sauce
    2. Pasta – can be the dry one – works very well.
    3. Vegetables
    4. tomato sauce
    5. Pasta
    6. Vegetables
    7. tomato sauce
    8. Pasta
    9. Mornay sauce
    10. Mozzarella cheese (you can add also parmigiana cheese to complete it.

    Hope this will help.

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