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Beef Stew

This pot was by far the best find in our redware shopping excursion.  Look at how awesome it is!  I use it whenever the Big Green Egg cookbook calls for a Dutch Oven.  Pictured above is the beef stew from the Big Green Egg cookbook.

This was a ton of fun to cook.  You can find the full recipe in the cookbook, but essentially it goes like this:  Set the pot on the Egg.  Fry up a bunch of bacon in the pot.  Remove the bacon.  Sauté a bunch of vegetables in the bacon fat.  Remove the vegetables.  Brown your cubed stew beef in the bacon fat and veggie bits left over in the pot.

So far this is sounding good, right?  Now comes the coup de gras.  After you’ve browned your beef, dump in about three bottles of beer.  Wow.  After all this, you basically stew your stew for a while, throwing in more beer as needed and adding the bacon and veggies back in towards the end.  As you can tell by reading the recipe and looking at the picture, it was awesome.  I can’t wait to do it again!